10 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of The 21st Century

9. Interstellar (2014)


Interstellar deals with the complex issue of spacetime, and our own perception of how time passes and can be measured. If you don't know what spacetime is, that's okay: screenwriter Jonathan Nolan had to knuckle down and study the theory of relativity at the California Institute of Technology to research the accuracy of his screenplay.

Interstellar's scientists are inspired to take off into the great expanse of space by an Earth that by the mid-21st Century has been ravaged by crop blights and dust storms. Naturally, space travel involves a lot of complex science, but the Nolan brothers were careful to not overload us with too much theory and remained committed to producing an entertaining film with wonderful performances by an all-star cast including Matthew McConnaughey and Michael Caine.

Given the collaborations with theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, Interstellar remained scientifically accurate where it could stay true to the fundamental laws of physics. By sticking to the many laws of gravity and the current thoughts on how black holes function (yes, that really is what is currently thought would happen to beams of light at the centre of a black hole), Interstellar shows how science fiction and cinema are a perfect match.

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