10 Best Short Horror Movies Of The Last Decade

It's not the size that counts; it's what you do with it!

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If you love horror, then you're never shy of finding your latest scarefest, as the movie industry is constantly pumping out big projects that tickle your scaredy-bones and unleash mass fear on the public.

However, sometimes, sitting through an entire feature-length film can be a chore - especially if that movie feels like it's padding its runtime. Because, quantity doesn't always mean quality. Thankfully, there's a subsection of filmmaking that steps in to pick up the slack, and that's horror shorts.

In a short, you can get all the best qualities of a big-budget Hollywood movie but condensed down into a bite-sized treat. They're often created by exciting up-and-comers, meaning that the writer/directors work hard to make something special to put their name on the map. This has led to a slew of fascinating horror experiences that will leave you speechless.

The following ten shorts are terrifyingly compact horror delights that deliver some of the genre's most inventive (and scary) concepts. Whether they are festival circuit darlings or just creations uploaded straight to YouTube, they have proven that you don't need a Hollywood budget to give people nightmares.

10. Peephole

Checking a peephole seems like a perfect storm for a scary-as-hell experience, as looking out at the wrong time can lead to unsightly things. But no one could ever expect to spy something as creepy as this.

Peephole (written and directed by Jaron Henrie-McCrea) shows a man answering a knock at his door late into the night. After looking out of his peephole, he spots an incredibly curious sight, a doppelganger copying his actions.

What's fascinating about this short is how the title makes you instantly think you know what you're getting into. It seems obvious that the unfortunate protagonist is going to check the titular peephole and be met with some spooky monstrosity, most likely a scary face or monster. Still, it chucks something way more terrifying at you.

The villain in this short is what sells it so well, as the double takes control away from the protagonist's own body, giving you this pessimistic feeling of helplessness. There's no need for make-up or any visual effects to make this monster feel terrifying, just a solid build-up, creative editing and strong acting.

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