10 Best Slasher Horror Movie Fakeout Endings

9. House Of 1000 Corpses

Edge of the Axe

With his 2003 feature film debut, Rob Zombie certainly marked himself out as having a very certain style and taste to his filmmaking. Gritty, grimy, gory and overflowing with choice cuss words, House of 1000 Corpses is the aesthetic and tonal blueprint for every one of Zombie's movies which has followed it.

Of course, this is the picture that introduced the world to the twisted terrors of the Firefly family, with the likes of Otis, Bay, Mother, Rufus and Tiny causing all kinds of creepy chaos for four innocent young adults curiously travelling the country to discover roadside attractions.

While her boyfriend Jerry and their friends Bill and Mary end up tortured and killed in a variety of gnarly ways, the end of House of 1000 Corpses sees Erin Daniels' Denise make a break for safety. Having outwitted the Fireflies, Denise escapes to the main road and grabs a ride with local convenience store owner Captain Spaulding; a character she had met earlier in the picture. With Spaulding doing his best to calm the girl and let her know that everything will be okay, she passes out from exhaustion, as the audience then sees Bill Moseley's Otis rise up from the backseat with a knife - as it's revealed that Spaulding is likewise a part of the nefarious Firefly can.

For poor Denise, she soon finds herself strapped to the operating table of the demented, believed-to-be-urban-legend figure of Dr. Satan as the end credits roll.

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