10 Best Slasher Movies Since 2010

There's plenty of life left in everyone's favourite sub-genre.

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the humble slasher movie is defined as:

A film in which people, especially young women, are killed very violently with knives.

There are certain nuances and variations to this most fundamental of bases for the subgenre, but the above is undoubtedly representative of a good percentage of slasher offerings served up to audiences over the years.

Since coming to the fore with Black Christmas and Halloween in the 1970s, the slasher subgenre has gone on to forever be a powerhouse of the horror world. Regardless of the changing tastes of the overall genre or the latest trends and bandwagon-jumping, the slasher movie still manages to retain a special sense of appeal over each and every decade.

Like any subgenre or film topic, there are good slasher movies and there are bad slasher movies. And while many may fondly reminisce about the slasher output of the '70s or lambast the early '90s slasher offerings, the last 10 years have seen some absolutely magnificent slasher pictures dished up.

With spooky season well underway right now, here are the 10 best slasher movies of the past decade.

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