10 Best Soccer Movies Ever

Including that time Dave Batista exploded half of East London!

The Damned United Michael Sheen
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Football and cinema have not been easy bedfellows over the years. Mostly that's because sport rarely translates well onto the screen and, also, the sort of drama felt inside stadiums is nigh on impossible to capture in a script. Basically in football you care way too much about something with no actual stakes, whereas films desperately try to create those stakes for you to squeeze a fraction of the same emotion out for.

Plus - and this is another conversation entirely - Americans tend to make the world's best cinema, but still can't get their heads around just how amazing the Beautiful Game actually is. One day they'll catch up and this entire thing will need a rewrite but, until then, this is what we've got to work with.

From World War II epics to shocking modern documentaries, football has crept its way into all manner of movie moments. Sometimes it's the central focus and fans pile into theatres to try and relive their Saturday passions, and others it's merely the window dressing for... and I can't believe I'm going to say this... literally a remake of Die Hard with Dave Batista in it. Let's review.

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