10 Best Space Movies Of All Time

9. Event Horizon (1997)

Starchild 2001 Space Odyssey

A cult gem from the other Paul Anderson, Event Horizon is the pre-Sunshine Sunshine that you never got to see in the cinema.

In 2047, a distress signal is sent from the Event Horizon - a spaceship that has suddenly reappeared in the solar system after seven years missing. The Lewis and Clark rescue vessel is sent to investigate, chock full to the brim with all the Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Jason Isaacs you can handle, but the original ship's wormhole-inducing gravity drive has exposed the crew to much more than they were bargaining for.

As he is known for gory spectacle over great art (one need only look so far as Pompeii or AVP), Event Horizon is undeniably W. S. Anderson's masterpiece. With an atmosphere not unlike the first Resident Evil (also directed by Anderson), mixed with some Hellraiser visuals and half the plot of Sunshine, Event Horizon is a curious beast that steps out from the shadows and ushers the space film into hell.

Event Horizon is also one of the first films to use the much-aped folding paper metaphor to explain wormholes, in which a piece of paper with two holes, representing two points in space, is folded in half to show how spacecrafts can pass from one distant point to another.


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