10 Best Subplots In The Harry Potter Movies

These Harry Potter subplots contain some of the best moments in the series...

Neville Longbottom
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The Harry Potter movies excel in every single category. The characters, the soundtrack, the themes, the setting, and the plot are all outstanding. When it comes to the latter, all of Harry’s adventures have a terrific central plot full of intrigue, tension, and danger that grips us from the outset.

But there are also some great subplots throughout the series as well. These smaller narratives weave around the primary plotline and give us an extra dose of magic. Even though there are a lot more of them in the books, every Harry Potter movie features several subplots for the audience to enjoy alongside the main story.

Sometimes, these subplots take a humorous tone, ranging from exciting business ventures to adolescent romance and amusing scenarios. Other subplots, however, are much more serious. They explore deep themes and shed new light on our favourite heroes, prompting us to re-evaluate our view of a certain character.

Whilst they’re not an integral part of the adventure, these subplots are still highly entertaining, and the best ones feature some of the most memorable moments in the entire series.

10. The Slug Club (The Half-Blood Prince)

Neville Longbottom
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With the wizarding world now fully aware of Voldemort’s return, The Half-Blood Prince is rife with tension and drama. But Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts still has plenty of humorous moments, and the Slug Club is a great example.

This clique is run by Professor Slughorn, the new Potions Master. Slughorn is a jovial, charming chap who admires talent and ambition. He handpicks the students for the Slug Club, and the group come together for various social events.

We first encounter the Slug Club when they’re having dinner one evening. Leaving aside McLaggen’s awkward stares with Hermione, there’s plenty to enjoy here. Belby’s fixation with his pudding, Slughorn’s fascination with dentistry, and Harry’s awkward reaction to Ginny’s late arrival are all entertaining moments.

But the best scene involving the Slug Club would have to be Slughorn’s Christmas party. After asking Luna to be his date for the night, Harry arrives at the event and has several amusing conversations. Yet the highlight of the night will always be McLaggen’s decision to vomit on Snape’s robes.

Whilst there’s a lot more of the Slug Club in the book, what we get in the movie is still highly entertaining.

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