10 Best Superhero Movie Theme Songs

As Kanye West once said: "Every superhero needs his theme music"

Warner Bros.

The superhero theme song is as iconic to many as their costume and power set. Who doesn't hear the word 'Batman' and start singing the theme to the Adam West series? Or say the word 'Spider-Man' and not start thinking about how he can do whatever a spider can?

But in modern times, superhero themes are no longer about catchy lyrics. They are about summarizing the ideals and attitude of the hero in musical form; a triumphant fanfare announcing their arrival that makes you want to cheer. Even subpar superhero movies like Batman Forever and 2005's Fantastic Four have memorable theme songs and, though they don't save their respective films, they do make them a little more bearable.

With so many great ones already established, it's becoming less and less common to find a superhero theme that really sticks in the mind or is instantly recognisable. Seriously, can anyone remember a note of the themes to Thor or The Incredible Hulk or Iron Man? No, the Black Sabbath song doesn't count.

So when one comes along the immediately sticks in the mind and perfectly matches its respective character, it is literal music to the ears. Today, we celebrate the great superhero movies with theme songs as heroic as their leading characters. Whether they are classic themes now deeply rooted in pop culture or recent examples that deserve to reach that milestone, these are the pieces of music that'll make you want to leap up and fly triumphantly through the skies.


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