10 Best Trailers Of 2013 So Far

CORRECT Now You See Me 2 Good marketing is vital for a movie to get its name out there, and good marketing means having a good trailer. Good trailers don't necessarily imply good movies; how often do wee see trailers that were more entertaining than the movie itself? A lot of this summer's movies have been a bust, but their trailers sure do a good job at bringing us in to see them. Of all the trailers that a single movie may have -- red band, green band, teaser, theatrical, international, on and on -- and of all the movies that have been announced, we have chosen the ten trailers that we consider the best of all released so far in 2013. Whether the movie itself is amongst the best or the busts is something we'll leave to your opinion (though there is some hearsay thrown in for good measure)...

10. The Purge

The Purge Though the reviews were dismal, the premise of The Purge is a political gem. The first half of the trailer suggested a brilliant kind of dystopia that has brought The Hunger Games success. Such a theme seems to strongly appeal to the youthful demographics who have prompted an apocalypse-filled summer line-up of movies. The Purge's trailer contains elements consistent with some of the other greatest and most popular trailers of 2013, as should be expected. Aside from the dystopian theme somewhat aligning with World War Z's plot of chaos, The Purge's trailer also aligns with that of Gravity by making the smart, gripping choice to begin peacefully -- its visuals, audio, and even its intertitles suggestive of another genre or feel -- before throwing in a jarring twist that has us sold. And, okay, I gotta admit: the masks are pretty darn cool. At the least, after seeing the theatrical trailer, you could spend the entire movie that follows trying to get those masks out of your head. Though its movie itself apparently has been popularly deemed a different fate, The Purge's trailer is one of the most interesting of the year by promising an interesting, complex plot in the political and potentially sci-fi realms (that it does not later deliver, but hey, selling tickets is what matters).

Sydney is from Roswell, Georgia, where she takes pride in Georgia's growing film industry. She is a sophomore at Northwestern University with a minor in Film & Media Studies and a love for writing. Her life has unsuccessfully aspired to model a Keira Knightley period piece. Sydney is most likely to be found in an emptied theater viewing the credits and sipping her staple drink: all the theater’s sodas mixed together.