10 Best War Films NOT About The US Military

The US military at war is often a major focus, but which films portray other nations in combat?

IFC Films

What's the first thing you think of when it comes to war films? Many would point to the many American efforts. Francis Ford, Coppola, Oliver Stone, Katherine Bigelow, these are just some of the big names that have made the country's presence in cinema just as well-known as their real-life participation. Authenticity and respect to those who served are often key in making the genre work, but it's not just the land of the free that has succeeded in this regard.

While many of the best war movies ever made have come from and involved America in some way, there are some real hidden gems from both past and present if you look hard enough. The following ten productions venture outside the States to explore conflicts around the world, sometimes going into detail on lesser known battles.

From various European efforts all the way to Asia, to make this list a film can be set in any time period or scale. So long as it shows a staunch commitment to representing their historical events with . Suit up, we're going in...


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