10 Best War Movie Scenes Of All Time

9. Braveheart - The Battle Of Stirling

Braveheart took a great deal of artistic liberty in the depiction of events. Still, one of the things it didn't do was fail to deliver intense and realistic battle scenes. Most of the movie is either a battle or a short period of peace from one to the next.

The best battle scene in the film was easily the Battle of Stirling. In the battle, William Wallace and his men are vastly outnumbered by the English waiting to kill them on the battlefield's other side. The English approach and the Scots run toward them at full speed.

When they clash, they hit one another hard, and the depiction of the savagery and brutality of medieval combat is splashed upon the screen with blood as men slice through one another. Heads are bashed in, limbs are chopped off, necks are slit, and genitals are sliced through.

The combat is continuous, brutal, and above all else, it doesn't hold back. This wasn't a scene meant for the faint of heart. After seeing his men brutalized by the angry Scots, the English commander orders their retreat, but Wallace isn't having any of that. He faces off against the commander and decapitates him.

When the combat finally comes to an end, the chaos and destruction remain on the battlefield — covered in blood, screaming in pain, and slowly dying.


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