10 Best Wilderness Horror Movies

The monsters, mountain men, and occasional flesh eating diseases lurking outside civilisation...

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There are few things more primally and existentially scary to the average movie viewer than the wilderness.

Whether it's the depths of the rainforest, the vast expanse of the desert or the outback, or the unsparing terrain of mountain ranges, humans are always surrounded by wilderness lurking just outside the edges of civilisation. And horror filmmakers have known this since time immemorial, using the emptiness of nature as an excellent stand-in for whatever creepy metaphorical threat looms large over society.

And because it also scares the crap out of viewers.

Whether it's vicious mountain men, psychotic serial killers, viruses, or murderous creatures, the wilderness is home to all manner of monsters and to the constant, ever present fear that we have lost touch with nature. Wilderness horrors grab the unsuspecting viewer by reminding them that, cuddled up on a couch with a bowl of popcorn, they are far from the nature survival instincts they'd need to make it out of these scrapes.

So for anyone feeling too comfortable in their office chair, this list has complied the best horrors set in the dark, lonely expanse at the end of nowhere.

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