10 Best Workplace Horror Movies

Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and read this list of the ten best workplace horror movies...

Final Destination 5
New Line Cinema

From the backwoods of America to the cold, dead depths of space, there's nowhere that a horror movie can't be set. That's the great thing about horror - if there are people, then there are scary stories to be told there. And where can people be found, most frequently? At work. It's said that some thirty percent of the average human life is spent working - that's a lot of life, and a lot of work.

Naturally, this makes for great horror fodder. It's a scary enough thought, even without a supernatural element, making characters and situations easy to identify with.

Sometimes, you need a break from the usual idiot college kids and teens, and these settings offer just that. Your average, everyday Joes - blue-collar workers and office drones, just trying to get through the day, beset by serial killers, zombies and psychotic colleagues.

Here we take a look at ten of the best horror films with a workplace setting, from offices to supermarkets, featuring everyone from caretakers to space truckers. These are all horror films with a distinctly corporate setting, featuring a cast of characters just trying to get by in the face of imminent, violent death. And you thought that your job sucked.

10. The Belko Experiment

Final Destination 5

Be honest: we've all considered a little light murder when it comes to dealing with our worst colleagues and bosses.

Greg (Wolf Creek) McLean's horror movie allows its characters to indulge in just that, whether they like it or not. Workers at the Belko Institute - a corporate office in Columbia - are locked in, and trapped as a remote voice commands that the people start killing their co-workers. With explosive microchips implanted in their heads, it's essentially Battle Royale (or the Hunger Games, for you kids out there) crossed with The Office.

As the workers are forced to fight for their lives, level-headed Mike (John Gallagher Jr.) finds himself fending off his increasingly desperate colleagues - including Office Space & Scrubs star John C. McGinley.

This mean and brutal action horror film combines workplace drama with violent action and intense gore, culminating in a guy being bashed to death with a tape dispenser. The most terrifying thing about the Belko Experiment? How plausible whole thing is.


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