10 Big 2018 Movies You Should Be Worried About

Please don't ruin Han Solo.

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Where does the time go?!

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through the year already, but on the plus side, this means some of 2018's biggest movies will be revving up those marketing campaigns within the next few months.

From wizarding movies, DC movies and X-Men movies to sequels in the Jurassic Park universe and Marvel's biggest movie to date, there's plenty to look forward to, but because we haven't yet seen much from these projects - many of which are over a year away - we don't really know what to expect from them.

And when a project is in the early stages of development and information is limited, it's easy to make assumptions, since there aren't many concrete facts to go on. This can make you worry about a movie you're eager to see, or question one that seems to be making several odd creative choices early on.

There are plenty of movies like this in 2018, from massive blockbusters to mid-tier fan-favourites, and each carries at least one significant reason why the project may have you - at least a little - worried.

10. Alita: Battle Angel

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Reason To Be Worried: Robert Rodriguez is directing.

There's every reason to be worried for Alita: Battle Angel.

Its July 2018 release date places it amidst much more popular properties like Mission: Impossible and Hotel Transylvania, with a Dwayne Johnson action movie sandwiched in-between - and the recent mega-flop Ghost In The Shell left manga adaptations in a bad light with mainstream audiences.

But there's also one big reason to be worried about it; director Robert Rodriguez.

What exactly has he done in the feature film space lately? Let's take a look. He co-directed the messy Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, helmed the atrocious Spy Kids: 4D, and brought us the distinctly average Machete, followed by its even weaker sequel, Machete Kills.

Is this really the right guy to be handed a $200 million dollar budget and a movie that requires a ton of special effects shots? The low budgets of every other film he's directed in the past, and the awful CGI in the Spy Kids movies, says otherwise.

Even if Alita: Battle Angle does turn out to be good, it'll still be hard to not feel pangs of disappointment, given that the film's producer, James Cameron, was once attached to direct - oh, what could have been...

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