10 Big Movies That Were Cancelled This Year (And Why)

8. The Crow Remake

The Crow Brandon Lee

A remake of the Brandon Lee cult classic has been in various stages of development over the last 10 years, but things really got moving in 2016, when Jason Momoa signed on to star with Corin Hardy set to direct. A year later, Sony had agreed to distribute the movie, after some production issues, and the involvement of Hardy and Momoa was in doubt.

Such doubts were confirmed earlier this year, when the pair both departed the project. It was revealed that Sony's distribution deal hadn't actually closed, there were financial and creative differences, with Hardy then taking to Instagram to say he'd come so close to making it happen, but ultimately had to walk away, implying he wasn't able to make the film he and Momoa wanted. With no director, no star, and no distributor, The Crow remake is dead once more.


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