10 Big Questions From Captain Marvel Trailer

9. When Does Carol Get The Iconic Captain Marvel Costume?

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios/EW

Surprisingly, we only see Carol in the iconic red-and-blue Captain Marvel uniform for the teaser's closing money shot, with all prior glimpses showing her in either casual street clothes or her green-and-black Kree attire.

This begs the question: when exactly in the movie will Captain Marvel actually acquire the classic suit?

The teaser seems to suggest that fans might be waiting until deep into act three to see it in all its glory, though it's of course entirely possible this trailer is mostly cut from the film's first act.

We'll take a stab and guess that, following a traumatic incident at the end of act two, she's given the suit by Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) ahead of the final battle against Skrull invader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). So, we're probably looking at a 90-minute wait.


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