10 Biggest Casting Mistakes In MCU History

They don't always get it right, you know...

Marvel Studios

When Marvel set out to expand their universe by interconnecting the stories of the heroes available to them and thus paying those narratives off in the ensemble hero blockbusters of the decade, even they couldn't imagine how so much could go so right.

That paints a picture of a studio that can do no wrong and have seen every vessel they come into contact with turn to gold - when in reality it couldn't be further from the truth.

Failure is an unavoidable part of filmmaking and when you're spinning a bundle of intricate storylines and characters at the same time, a few of your choices are bound to fizzle instead of popping.

This is why casting decisions are often cited as the most important part of a movie's genesis from script to screen.

Get it right and you gift yourself a marketable sensation both in their vision of the character and in their public persona - a la Robert Downey Jr. Get it wrong and you end up with either a naff depiction of a comic book character or a disgruntled actor who shouldn't of been anywhere near your project to begin with.

Marvel doesn't always get it right and this bunch prove it...

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