10 Biggest Fan Service Moments In Comic Book Movies

"And the smartest man alive... Reed Richards."

MCU Reed Richards Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness John Krasinski

With each and every passing year, the comic book movie genre grows and grows. From the humblest of beginnings, there are now movies adapted from the pages of comic books nearing double digits every year, as it has grown to be arguably one of the most lucrative genres in the business.

There are plenty of reasons to help create a movie within the realms of the MCU or the DCEU, among others, but this is also a very dangerous double-edged sword. Writers, directors, and more have the opportunity to produce something truly special and iconic, but get it wrong and you have an army of fans unlike any other turning on you.

As these movies are based on often beloved and almost sacred books from potentially decades ago, if an adaptation isn't up to the very, very high standards of the fans then it can spell trouble. However, these same fans do have certain soft spots if you can find them.

Comic book movies have always played up to the fan service angle, offering something to audiences for the sheer benefit of putting a smile on their faces. These things don't necessarily impact the movie, they aren't always integral to the story, but they are often a cheap way of trying to win the audience around. Sometimes this works a lot better than others.

10. The Classic Theme - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Is there any superhero, across any comic book brand or property, that can compete with Spider-Man for sheer popularity? The character's longevity, and continued success with kids and adults alike suggest that there isn't.

Even after both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield brought Peter Parker to life in five movies over 12 years, Spidey's introduction to the MCU left audiences with the kind of excitement few others could generate. He broke the internet when he appeared in the trailer for Civil War, and in 2017 finally headlined his own MCU movie.

Anticipation for Spider-Man: Homecoming was already through the roof, and audiences flocked to cinemas to see Tom Holland in action. There wasn't much director Jon Watts could have done to get fans anymore pumped, but he managed it before the movie ever properly began.

Instead of the typical Marvel fanfare, over the opening montage played an orchestral version of the classic Spider-Man theme song that would be recognised by anyone, anywhere. Did it improve the movie at all? Not really, but was there anyone watching who didn't get goosebumps from the score? Absolutely not.


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