10 Biggest Lies Comic Book Movie Fans Tell Themselves

With great movies come great responsibility. But the truth ain't one of 'em.

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We’re living in a time in which Superheroes rule the world. It’s no big secret as to why. Back in ’79, when Richard Donner’s Superman took over the box office, the American people had just recovered from some pretty dark s**t, namely The Cold War, Vietnam and Watergate. They were a weakened people, and needed something invulnerable and impervious to rally behind.

We’re in a similar spot these days, only arguably worse. Darkness is all around us: terrorism; war; consipiracy; recession. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So it’s no wonder the comic book movie rules the box office, for now. We need heroes to rally behind, to escape into, to escape from the fact that the world’s a pretty fragile place right now.

And so, the comic book movie is king. But even as we adore our heroes, we still do lie to ourselves in many ways when we sit down to watch. We get so into our favourite heroes that we tell ourselves little untruths to disguise the fact that yeah, these things are what they are: only movies.

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