10 Biggest Movie Controversies Of 2018

First Man triggered the MAGA crowd.

First Man

There are few movies that hit cinemas or streaming these days without catching the ire of the Internet in one way or another.

Sometimes this comes in the form of absurd over-sensitivity from certain individuals, but sometimes the chest thumping is very much justified, and a campaign of rampant disgust will be launched against a film across social media networks.

That's certainly the case with these 10 movies, which all stoked the fires of controversy with their tone-deaf subplots, taste-defying gags, risky marketing strategies and troubling messages.

To be clear, just because a movie's controversial doesn't mean the controversy is either warranted or "correct", and as such no films were as heatedly debated in 2018 as this lot.

Whatever side of the fence you fall down on, these were the hot-button issues which undeniably dominated the last year in cinema.

Before 2019 serves up its own share of inevitably eyebrow-raising movies, here's how 2018 shocked, baffled and divided audiences...

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