10 Biggest Movie And TV News This Week (March 1)

This week we saw some movement on films like James Bond 24, Sandman, Fast and Furious 7 and more! We also lost a comedy giant.

Adam Driver Star Wars

It looks like the slow news weeks are finally behind us, and as the further we get into the new year the more updates we have on exciting new movie and TV projects. This week we saw some movement on films like James Bond 24, Sandman, and Fast and Furious 7; heard yet another glimmer of hope for a Dredd sequel from Karl Urban, and learned that NBC was reviving a show that was, for its first season anyway, a worldwide phenomenon. We also have a few hints about more Indiana Jones films and may finally, finally have a casting announcement for Star Wars Episode VII. Not even JJ Abrams can keep everything in his mystery box forever! But hey, what are you listening to me for? See for yourself and jump right in to this week's updates...

Honourable Mentions

The First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Arrives With Captain America 2 That means we're only a few months away from seeing if Jonathan Liebsman and Michael Bay ruined our childhood. Vincent D'Onofrio Cast As The Villain In Jurassic World One word: Awesome! (via Deadline) Sony Is Planning For A Spider-Man Film A Year Marc Webb will be back to helm The Amazing Spider-Man 3, then they'll be releasing Venom and Sinister Six movies in between Spidey sequels. Because that's a great way to make sure people don't get burned out by your franchise. First Look At Grant Gustin As The Flash! Looks like they aren't shying away from the scarlet speedster's iconic look. I know it's only a head for now, but so far it looks great. Shrek 5 Is On The Way Considering the Shrek series is the highest grossing animated franchise of all time, this is no surprise. Plus if it means no more Puss In Boots spinoff films, this is good news. (via Variety) The New Godzilla Trailer Is Here! View it here in all it's epic glory.

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