10 Biggest Star Wars What Ifs

How would the galaxy far, far away have looked if certain Force-wielders never changed sides?

Luke Skywalker Darth Vader

With another Disney title opening the floodgates to a world of endless possibilities in recent times with the unleashing of Marvel Studios' What If?... series, it was only natural for Star Wars fans to quickly ponder a similar property that explored the countless different directions George Lucas' galaxy far, far away could've gone down had certain things not developed in the way they ultimately did on the big and small screen.

And while the concept of a Star Wars What If?... animated TV spin-off doesn't seem to be in the pipeline any time soon, that still hasn't stopped those dedicated to all things Force-sensitive from mulling over what would've come to pass had a much-loved Jedi Master not bit the dust at the time they did or a powerful little relative newcomer opted to head down a different path recently.

So, from precisely how the galaxy might've looked had a number of rather influential murders not gone down at all, to what events could've perhaps been avoided had a notable Force-user not decided to turn their back on the cause, these are those often fantasised alternate realities fans would no doubt love to see explored at some point down the road.

10. What If Din Djarin Wasn't Saved By Mandalorians

Luke Skywalker Darth Vader

Many minds were very quickly blown the second it became clear that the titular Mandalorian by the name of Din Djarin was dramatically saved from imminent death as a youngster by none other than The Death Watch/Clan Vizsla during the thick of the Clone Wars; as revealed in The Mandalorian Season 1, Chapter 8's epic flashback.

This seemingly coming at a time when Mandalorians were doing their utmost to stave off the Separatist threat across the galaxy then, it does beg the question what the future could've held for the eventual Mando had he actually been saved from a similar fate as the one shared by his unfortunate parents by the Jedi instead.

After all, there's every chance a Jedi General could've been called in to rescue those desperate few being massacred on Aq Vetina alongside some trusty clones. And said reality could've then led to a recently orphaned Din being brought into the Jedi Order to learn the ways of the Force as a youngling instead of being accepted as a foundling by the Mandalorians and eventually taught the ways of the Children of the Watch.

Hell, he could've even bumped into Grogu at The Jedi Temple as a youth, too...


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