10 Biggest WTF Moments In Recent Horror Movies

V/H/S 94 is WILD.

VHS 94

It wouldn't be mad to say that horror movies are built on WTF moments. From Regan masturbating with a crucifix in The Exorcist to Jigsaw standing up at the end of the original Saw, these mind blowers - whether serious or silly - make for the best water-cooler moments in the whole genre.

Even better, horror gives filmmakers creative license to go as wild as possible with these sequences. In this genre it's par for the course for things to be exaggerated and blown out of proportion, and if that takes the form of a talking demonic goat in Drag Me To Hell, who are we to cry foul?

Of course, you want these moments to be remembered for the right reasons, and not all of them are. While plenty of WTF scenes are intended to shock the viewer, sometimes a dodgy plot twist, abysmal piece of acting or tonal shift can leave viewers wondering just what the hell they've watched.

Make or break, do or die, all of these WTF moments from recent horror movies left a huge impression on audiences.

Spoilers incoming.

10. Sentenced To Darkness - Wrong Turn (2021)

VHS 94
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Wrong Turn 2021 is a pretty weird movie. The reboot offers a decidedly different take on the mutated-hillbilly-cannibal-in-the-woods story the series had previously coasted on, and while the execution isn't perfect, there are some genuinely effective scares in there.

The biggest WTF moment comes towards the end, after our heroes have been put on trial by the villains of the piece. Sentenced to suffer "The Darkness", the remaining survivors are just about succumb to this fate - which involves having their eyes poked out and then thrown into a pitch-black cave to live out the remainder of their lives as animals - before they make a last-ditch effort to prove they could actually be useful to the tribe.

Later on we actually do see up close and personal what happened to previous victims given this punishment though. They have essentially turned into zombies, driven mad, left practically naked, and are feasting on rats they're able to grab hold of in the dark.

It's a ghastly scene, and a proper gory jaw-dropper of a moment in an otherwise quite bland movie.

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