10 Biggest WTF Star Wars Moments

Is... is that?

The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

Throwing out everything from space opera epics to more grounded tales of a stubborn Rebellion beginning to form over the course of four spectacular decades, the galaxy far, far away has provided its fair share of simply staggering on-screen moments.

And it's the Star Wars universe's ability to consistently leaves folks watching on feeling like they've just been shocked by a Dark Lord of the Sith that has resulted in fans repeatedly coming back for more and more Force-sensitive shenanigans over the years.

While most of these absolutely insane or deeply unexpected developments resulted in the fandom mouthing "WTF" out of wondrous disbelief, though, there have been a few other occurrences committed to the worlds of Jedi, Sith, stormtroopers, and eopies that have left people entirely stunned for all the wrong reasons, too.

But Star Wars lovers across the galaxy likely wouldn't have it any other way.

So, make sure your astromech is strapped in, your lightsaber is holstered, and check your limbs are all intact, because it's time to dive into the most surprising, astounding, or simply unexpectedly hilarious times Star Wars caught fans completely off-guard...

10. Palpatine And Yoda Get Nuts - The Prequel Trilogy

The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

Throughout their time acting as two of the Original Trilogy's most powerful and mysterious entities, Emperor Palpatine and Yoda often displayed just how proficient they were in the ways of the Force.

What fans didn't get to witness, however, is how well they were able to wield the trusted, go-to weapon of many a Jedi and Sith. But that all changed over the course of George Lucas' Prequel Trilogy. And, simply put, not a soul alive was ready for the frankly absurd visuals heading their way.

Not only were the little green legend and the possessor of "UNLIMITED POWER!" a pair of dab hands with a laser sword, the two suddenly transformed from a set of senile space wizards into full-blown Force-sensitive studs.

Yoda's first on-screen duel in particular instantly became yet another one of the more divisive elements the Prequels had to offer, with some lapping up the audacious acrobatics on show. While others felt that the Jedi Master's silly lightsaber gymnastics took a bit of the mystique away from a cherished figure.

Either way, you'd be lying if you said your jaw didn't drop even for only a brief moment the first time these masterful titans pulled out their swords .


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