10 Bizarre Body Horror Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

These body horror deaths shocked us to the core. Freaky, Street Trash & more!

the mortuary collection penis birth

If you've watched a lot of body horror movies in your time then very little can shock you. At some point you become able to predict each beat of what is going to happen and when, and you become immune to the shock value of seeing someone get their heat ripped off or their guts poured onto the floor.

It's a rare treat then to find yourself be taken fully off-guard by an in-movie death. This can be because it's particularly brutal, funny, off-tone and so on. With the body horror subgenre in particular, there's plenty of scope for shocking things to happen. The more horrific the better.

It's an added benefit when the deaths are really weird though. We've all seen a million slashers with back-stabbing, eye-gouging and all that lot, but I'd say we far less often see someone die because of exploded genitals or melting heads.

Find the intersection of the Venn diagram and you get the premium stuff: really weird deaths that also seemingly come out of nowhere. Hard as they are to locate, when you come across them they're totally worth the wait.

10. Suspiria - The Mirror Scene

the mortuary collection penis birth
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People were so shocked by Suspiria's mirror scene that when the remake came out in 2018 there were whole articles dedicated to the film's 'most horrifying scene.'

In the scene, protagonist Susie dances for her dance school's matrons. Her form of modern dance includes sharp movements and quick, precise spins - quite violent-looking in itself. Next door, however, even more violence is occurring.

A fellow student, Olga, has found herself trapped in the room after accusing the matrons of witchcraft and trying to leave the school. With each of Susie's movements, Olga is viciously attacked by an unseen force. She is thrown around, has her limbs bent at obscene angles and her ribs protrude from her chest grotesquely.

By the end of Susie's dance, Olga is dead - and quite spectacularly so. Her body is crumbled and folded, her face purple-tinted grey with her veins bulging. Not only was her death unexpected in timing but definitely in method. It's reasonable to predict injury at some point whilst studying at dance school, but not like this.


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