10 Bizarre Scenes Cut From Famous Movies

X-Men: First Class has an alternate Magneto suit you never got to see...

X-Men First Class Magneto in drag deleted scene
20th Century Studios

Unless your name is Christopher Nolan, deleted scenes are a natural side effect of the filmmaking process, from small indies, to the biggest of big blockbusters.

Something that seems like a good idea on the page might also seem like a good idea when the cameras start rolling, but that all-important editing phase is when a scene really shows its true colours - and here, the scissors might just be required.

While many deleted scenes are removed because they're needless and they drag down the movie's pacing, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're uninteresting. In fact, some of the biggest movies in history have left out some rather bizarre, often fascinating moments, whether they were removed at the scripting stage, or axed while piecing together the final edit.

From an Iron Man 3 sex tape to a highly creepy moment that was chopped from Steven Spielberg's E.T., we're not saying that all these scenes are amazing, and that it's an absolute crime that they were left on the cutting room floor. We're simply saying that they're unusual, funny, and definitely worthy of your attention.

10. 'Busters By Day, Hobos By Night (Ghostbusters)

X-Men First Class Magneto in drag deleted scene
Columbia Pictures

The humour in Ghostbusters can be absurd at times, but it all makes sense for what this movie is trying to be. A giant evil marshmallow man rampaging through New York City may be ridiculous, sure, but in a supernatural comedy that's all about hunting ghosts? It works like a charm.

On the other hand, a ridiculous scene that doesn't quite work is the film's deleted hobo sequence, which is so random, so strange, that it's easy to see why it was cut.

The scene features stars Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd playing totally different characters, separate from their main roles in the film. Here, they're portraying an unusual pair of homeless dudes, walking through the park and talking in strange voices.

The scene has no relation to the story of the movie - it really is just a couple of hobos chatting about random nonsense. And because it's easy to spot Murray and Aykroyd under their costumes, the scene would've only caused confusion (as in, "why have the Ghostbusters suddenly turned into bums?!") if it was left in the film.

Check it out at 4:10 in the video below.


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