10 Body Horror Movie Fates Worse Than Death

From The Fly to Tusk, these horror movie characters ended up envying the dead.

Rabid 2
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More often than not in horror, anyone who is subjected to some horrible torture or mutilation dies long before the end of the film.

Torture-porn films kill off most of the characters in increasingly gruesome ways, alien horrors frequently see scientists devoured before they can make it to the opening credits and popular horror tropes dictate that anyone moving into a haunted house or checking out a weird noise is guaranteed to meet their end pretty soon. It really is quite difficult to survive!

In a way it’s a mercy because some of the things that characters have to endure would ensure that they would live a miserable life if they somehow survived. Sometimes though, there’s an especially awful fate reserved for our central characters.

They can be forced to live out the rest of their woeful existences in an unimaginable amount of horror or pain, their lives irreversibly changed for the worse.

In this list we’ll take a look at some of the worst fates that body horror films have left characters with. From disgusting diseases through to horrible human/animal hybrids, you’d sooner die than have to live like this...

10. The Beach House - Becoming Human Slop

Rabid 2

2019’s The Beach House was the directorial debut for Jeffrey Brown, and he wasted no time in getting stuck into a bit of body horror.

Whilst on holiday staying in a beachfront villa, two couples fall victim to a toxic fog that descends in the night.

On inhaling the fog, you slowly become rabid. At first we see the older woman of the group descend into madness, foaming at the mouth. This, however, is not the worst of it - she has yet to descend into a much worse state.

After the younger couple, Emily and Randal, manage to escape, they find refuge in a house where Emily scrambles to keep her boyfriend alive.

On venturing into the basement, she sees what is to become one day of those who are taken by the fog. An amorphous humanoid blob crouches over a corpse, slowly devouring it... or maybe becoming one with it?

Gradually becoming mad and rabid and then melting into a blob of cannibalistic goo definitely has to be up there with one of the worst ways to live out your days.

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