10 Bonkers Harry Potter Theories That Surely Can't Be True

9. Hermione Is Harry's Sister

There's a common joke about how Ron went off with Harry's leading lady, so Harry slept with his sister. But what if this is all a bit Princess Leia? Hermione for starters, is the only character to speak for Harry, claiming what he does or doesn't want to do. She knew all about him before they went to Hogwarts and in sharp contrasts to the Weasleys or the deceased Potters, we really know nothing about her family. Harry's enraged when people start romantically linking them, but she just laughs it off: do you know something we don't, Miss Granger? And why exactly would a girl try quite so hard at school, even at risk of being bullied? Maybe she's living in the shadow of a sibling. Why it's probably not true ...Or maybe she's probably not. Harry and Hermione share a close, sibling-like bond, but isn't it all a bit obvious for the pair of them to be related? One of the great things about Hermione's character is that she's from a muggle family, not from legendary wizarding heritage, and yet she's still the most talented young girl that anyone's ever taught at Hogwarts. It would spoil her character if she ended up just being the famous Harry Potter's sister: she's brilliant without him, thank you very much.
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