10 Breakout Film Stars Of 2014

The names you suddenly started hearing all the time in 2014.

Every year in Hollywood inevitably brings a new crop of actors who burst onto the scene in a major way. Sometimes they're gap-toothed wunderkinds who seem wise beyond their years, sometimes they're fresh out of acting school, and other times they're veterans who have been in the industry for a decade or more until they get that one role that will have the media proclaiming them an "overnight success". Their work this year has garnered the attention of audiences and critics alike, and while they might not be household names just yet, they're working their way up there. If it hasn't already begun happening, their names will start to be attached to the most anticipated projects of the next few years. So enjoy their new-found prominence now, while it lasts -- Hollywood is nothing if not fickle. If you look at lists of breakout stars from years past, it's an unfortunate reality that about half of the actors featured will have faded back into obscurity. Hopefully, though -- while they might not all become superstars, all of the actors on this list are legitimately talented and seem like more than just a flash in the pan.

Audrey Fox is an ex-film student, which means that she prefers to spend her days in the dark, watching movies and pondering the director's use of diegetic sound. She currently works as an entertainment writer, joyfully rambling about all things film and television related. Add her on Twitter at @audonamission and check out her film blog at