10 Brilliant Hidden Details In Oscar Winning Films

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker was never expected to get into that fridge...

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Only a select number of films find themselves in the race to bag that all important Academy Award each year, and even fewer have the honour of walking home with one on the night of the actual ceremony. So, it often takes a special kind of movie, crammed full of rich detail, to come out on top.

Yet, with many fans focusing on which actors are giving career-best performances, if a particular song is about to become an Oscar winning sensation or how beautiful an odds on favourite's cinematography is, some subtle touches can often be overlooked when watching these soon-to-be classics in peak Oscar season.

Though some of the films on this list only recently came to life, other entries have been hovering around in the atmosphere for years and people have still yet to uncover some of the fantastic secrets hiding in plain sight.

Actors following their instincts, directors thinking outside of the box, and even completely unexpected appearances have all helped add more outstanding layers to these already impressive pieces of art.

Sure, they've earned a ton of praise and landed arguably the most prestigious award in the filmmaking industry already, but it's worth celebrating them one more time for containing these jaw-dropping details we completely missed first time round.

10. Jojo Rabbit - Roman Griffin Davis' Twin Brothers Play Hitler Youth Clones

Much of the talk going into Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit (2019) centred around the fact the director would be playing the leader of the Nazis Adolf Hitler - in imaginary friend form.

Yet, once people got into the cinema, it quickly became apparent that Roman Griffin Davis' Jojo Betzler was the real star of the show. Throughout the Best Adapted Screenplay winning feature, Jojo is seen trying his best to figure out what to do with the Jewish girl living in his house, all while squabbling with his imaginary pal Hitler about his patriotism.

However, most people aren't aware that the actor wasn't the only Davis boy used in the feature.

During the scene where Jojo is left with Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell) after Jojo's mother (Scarlett Johansson) demands he's included and give a job, Fräulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson) points out that they need somebody to walk the Hitler Youth clones. What went completely under the radar was that these clones were in fact played by Davis' twin brothers - with some computer-animated duplicates thrown in for good measure.

Not everyone can say their brother got them a job in an Oscar winning flick, can they?


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