10 Brilliant Horror Movie Monsters You Were Completely Unprepared For

9. The Skull-Bearing Bear - Annihilation

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
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Make no mistake: unlike some of the entries on this list, most audiences were aware there would be some form of monsters during Annihilation's runtime.

Where the likes of Dagon were able to hide their creature feature nature for much of the film's runtime, Annihilation's 2018 adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's The New Weird novel made it clear from the beginning that the audience were soon to see some strange stuff.

That said, the more unforgettably surreal and disturbing mutations encountered by our heroines still managed to scar audiences with its terrifying design. After the testy quartet venture into the strange zone affected by some form of alien influence, they soon come across deer with plant antlers and a human corpse which has become a flower-filled ecosystem of its own.

But none of this prepares them, or the audience, for the arrival of a bear which bears a partial human skull as its face and cries out in a human voice. It's a horrifying genetic mash up which far outstrips any of the creepy weirdness featured in the rest of the film, and results in a sequence viewers won't forget for a long, long time.

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