10 Brilliant Performances Trapped In Terrible Recent Movies

9. Daniel Radcliffe - Guns Akimbo

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Action-comedy Guns Akimbo is a textbook example of what happens when a filmmaker throws every idea they have at the screen and simply hopes that some of it will stick.

The premise is, admittedly, ripe for a fun Crank-style gonzo thriller: computer programmer Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up with guns bolted to both of his hands and is forced to participate in an underground fight club.

Yet the tone of Jason Lei Howden's film is so intensely obnoxious and irritating in its relentless desire to appear "edgy" that it's mostly just a headache to sit through.

Between the ramshackle editing, painfully juvenile script, and disappointing action sequences, it's a near-total squandering of a promising concept.

The only saving grace, then, is Daniel Radcliffe, who sheds yet another layer of his Harry Potter typecasting as he commits fully to the foul-mouthed, endlessly humiliated Miles.

To Radcliffe's credit, he continues to pick left-field and unexpected roles in his post-Potter career, even if they clearly don't all result in quality movies.

One can't help but feel that this would actually have been Radcliffe's true answer to Crank were it assembled with anything approximating filmmaking skill, but instead he's the bright spot in an otherwise hyper-kinetic dud.


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