10 Brutal Movie Torture Scenes That Made Our Toes Curl

5. Hammer €“ Kill List

Kill List is one of the few magnificent horror films to have been released in recent years. The work of British director Ben Wheatley, Kill List is a deeply unsettling horror film that follows two hitmen as a job their on spirals out of control and descends into madness. The scene in question sees one of the hitmen, Jay (Neil Maskell), torturing an archivist who he knows has a collection of horrific videos (the nature of which is not disclosed to the audience). Jay is driven by blind rage, and believes that the archivist should be made to suffer for his collection of wicked tapes. The archivist is beaten for some time before having a cigarette stubbed out in both of his ears. Jay breaks his relative calm and takes a hammer to the archivist€™s hand, breaking his fingers and even severing some of them through blunt force. Finally Jay takes the hammer to the archivist€™s head, putting an end to his suffering. The audience might not have liked Jay€™s victim, but the deafening thuds emitted by each successive blow from the hammer ensure that every viewer is writhing about in their seat by the end of the scene.
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