10 Captivating Villains In Forgettable Movies

9. Trevor 'Viking' Calcote - Cold Pursuit

Snow White And The Huntsman
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Despite the fact that 2018's revenge-thriller Cold Pursuit was blighted in the lead-up to its release by Liam Neeson coming across as a racist, the film was actually half decent. Burrowed into the snowy setting was one stand-out performance in particular.

Tom Bateman's Trevor 'Viking' Calcote served as the true slimeball and slithered his way through countless scenes, chewing every piece of dialogue he was given and made the audience yearn for his eventual demise.

They got their wish when his car was impaled by a tree and he was then blasted through the chest by Tom Jackson's White Bull Legrew. But, Bateman's almost Brando-esque delivery oozed the kind of smarmy charm which made fans both long for and despise his very presence on screen.

As memorable as this movie definitely wasn't, it still finds itself equipped with one of the more enjoyable villains to have cropped up in a recent dark comedy/thriller, and remains one of the few saving graces in a supremely divisive project barely anybody wants to talk about.


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...