10 CGI Moments In Recent Movies NOBODY Noticed

9. Tig Notaro Replaces Chris D'Elia - Army Of The Dead

Black Widow

Zack Snyder faced a major technical hurdle during post-production of his zombie epic Army of the Dead, when numerous sexual misconduct allegations were made against cast member Chris D'Elia.

Snyder decided to digitally remove D'Elia from the film and replace him with comedian Tig Notaro - an extremely challenging feat given that D'Elia was part of the main ensemble cast and typically filmed in shots with other actors.

Snyder shot with Notaro against green screens for two weeks, with Ana de la Reguera being the only cast member she physically met on set, filming a total of two scenes with her.

Elia was then erased from each shot and Notaro painstakingly inserted in his place, an intensely difficult process and yet one which is near enough seamless in the final film.

Sure, if you know what to look for there are a few moments where the lighting doesn't match 100%, but considering most general viewers didn't even know about the casting replacement, they'd likely have no idea they were looking at a hugely labour-intensive visual effect.

Check out the effect yourself at 1:31 in the clip below:


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