10 Children's Movies That Are Actually Way Better For Adults

9. The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time may have spawned in an ungodly amount of sequels, but the first installment to this prehistoric series is a lovingly crafted masterpiece of animation. While it doesn't bear the lofty themes of Bluth's follow-up, All Dogs Go to Heaven, it was nonetheless a heartbreaking benchmark of children's cinema. Little Foot's journey begins with the death of his mother. In one of the most disheartening scenes of all animated filmdom, Little Foot watches his mother pass before his very eyes while she shares her final few words with him. Her mauled body is pelted by rain as her breath dissipates and Little Foot is left alone in the darkness urging her to "get up". It's tragic and tear-jerking for all of the right reasons and never once feels cheaply implemented. The sadness of Little Foot's conflict covers the entire narrative like a blanket and ultimately drives the small dinosaur to avenge his matriarch by killing the Sharp Tooth (a Tyrannosaurus Rex) which insatiably tore into her. The Land Before Time isn't recognized for its audacity, but for the sheer impact of its emotion and fearless depiction of death. It may be animated and focus on a bevy of cute dinosaurs, but that doesn't prevent it from punching guts with its sentimental heft.

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