10 Cinematic Universes That Failed To Happen

In a world of the MCU, there's always going to be a Dark Universe to boot.

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With the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating the box office for the past decade, creating a shared universe has become the number one priority for many studios. And it’s clear why: a cinematic universe can provide fans with multi-layered looks at their favorite characters, with arcs spanning over multiple movies. The possibilities seem endless, with filmmakers given large scope to explore the universes they’ve been given the reigns to.

Sadly, however, every franchise can’t be the MCU, and often times these attempts fall flat on their faces. From not understanding the roots of the franchise, to just straight overconfidence in the IP, there are many reasons why so many studios can’t seem to get their cinematic universes off the ground. Often times, a lack of understanding why the MCU works so well in the first place is the issue, with studios so eager to have their very own Avengers, they skip over the important stepping stones to get there.

Some of the attempts on this list do have successful and solid movies in their line-up, but we’re not looking at the quality of specific movies. Rather, we’re looking at the feeble attempts that these studios took to establish a cinematic universe without precedent or need.

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