10 Classic Movie Monsters With Unexpected Origins

The Babadook has been around longer than you think.

The Babadook London After Midnight.jpg
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Perhaps even more pivotal to a film's success than a smart script and strong director, at least in the horror genre, is the actual design of the antagonist itself. This is especially true when it's supposed to be a grotesque, otherworldly or otherwise supernatural creature.

On Hollywood blockbusters, entire design departments are devoted to conceptualising creatures until they finally conjure up one that the director is happy with, and unsurprisingly, these designs are often influenced by both reality and prior pop-culture.

These 10 horror movie icons, whether humanoid or completely "other," all have their origins in most unexpected sources, from famous pieces of art to food, genitalia and even actual people.

If you thought these designs were strictly "original," think again, but in each case that inspiration was elevated to legendary levels through its brilliant use in the respective final film.

If nothing else, the genesis of these iconic movie creatures are all proof that even the most seemingly benign person or object can become pure nightmare fuel in the right light...


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