10 Classic Movies The Directors Won't Stop Changing

When directors decide that "The Director's Cut" wasn't what they envisioned.

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Where once alternative cuts of movies for home media releases were a relative novelty, these days it's practically expected that Blu-Rays and streaming services will offer a different cut, extended beyond what was on offer in theatres. Hell, IT Chapter Two is still riding high in cinemas and there's already discussion about what additional material will feature in the inevitable home release "super cut" of the two chapters put together.

Sometimes director's cuts can become the definitive version of the movie, essentially replacing the original theatrical version so that they become all that future audiences know. On other occasions, however, directors can decide that actually it turns out that their previous "director's cut" didn't actually serve their original vision at all, leading to the release of yet another version.

This month sees Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now return to cinemas in a re-edited three-hour version that has been dubbed The Final Cut, somewhat unconvincingly given Coppola's tendency to return repeatedly to tinkering with his intense, rambling masterpiece.

Will The Final Cut actually be Apocalypse Now's final cut? Perhaps not, but Coppola is far from the only (or the worst) offender in this area. Here are some of the other big screen hits that their directors just couldn't leave alone.


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