10 Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other On Set

Who says actors all get on like a house on fire?

Actors and directors are an unpredictable, overly emotional bunch - we all know that - and it's going to be impossible to see these egotistical (but incredibly talented) people get along with one another all the time. It would be nice to think that all of these stars always get on handsomely with one another during several months of filming, but you'd would be kidding yourself. Some on-set relationships eventually blossom into romances, bromances and sometimes even marriages down the years - some are short-lived, while some are still going strong to this day - there are more rare occurrences when compared to people falling out with each other. This list looks at 10 of the most memorable feuds during the making of a film. Some of these fall-outs have proved to last for many years, others have been forgotten about straight after filming. Others actually helped make the movie they were starring in truly great. It certainly hasn't always had a detrimental effect, that's for sure - these household names are professional enough to get the job done despite their hatred for the person stood opposite them. So come along and look at these intriguing bust-ups here, some of which you might never even knew occurred.

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