10 Comic Book Characters Who Would Make Great Horror Movies

If Immortal Hulk has taught us anything, it's that Bruce Banner is perfect for horror.

Blackest Night Cover
DC Comics

Halloween may have come and gone, but that's no reason to stop talking about spooky season.

With this being one of the only times in the year where it’s OK to whip out your Superman costume (excluding Comic-Con), everyone tends to cosy up and watch their favourite horror films and eat copious amounts of confectionary. Everyone has their favourite Halloween/scary movie. Whether it's Insidious, A Corpse Bride, or Coraline, it seems that you can’t go through the month without watching at least one film that raises the hairs on your neck.

With countless characters in comic books that would be perfect for the genre. Whether it be body horror, the excessive use of gore, or even the enemies that the heroes of the story face, there are certain members of the funny books that could feature instant classics with themes that would linger in the back of your mind for weeks on end.

In the spirit of the autumn and all the news coming out about Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (Marvel Studios' first foray into the horror genre), it’s time to gather all of your sugary snacks and put on your skeleton face paint. Let’s get started.

10. Immortal Hulk

Blackest Night Cover
Marvel Comics

Marvel’s modern-day Frankenstein is a character that is engrossed in the themes of horror. From the Jekyll and Hyde theme to the uncontrollable anger, Bruce Banner and his...short tempered side are perfect for this list. The Immortal Hulk run deals with body horror that could easily put Cronenberg to shame.

Hulk is able to survive extreme injuries that most Marvel superheroes would find it hard to walk away from; you could go crazy with the body horror, with his intestines ripped out of him and his body absolutely ravaged.

Taking inspiration from Alien, a paranoid hunter and prey film would be a perfect way to introduce Wolverine. However, because we have Professor Hulk now, that outcome is less likely to happen.

Instead, a film about Hulk’s struggle to get where he is now would be a brilliant character study. The man having to go head to head with the monster would be a Marvel film like no other. No big bad to fight at the end - it’s just Banner and The Hulk fighting for control.


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