10 Comic Book Movie Deaths That Should Never Have Happened

It's okay to kill characters in comics but it doesn't always work on the big screen.

Warner Bros.

Comic book movies have proven to be super popular with film fans over the years and, as 2018 goes on, we can expect more records to be broken. Black Panther has already set the standard, smashing box office landmarks and winning an army of fans, and with Avengers: Infinity War, Antman And The Wasp and Aquaman all to come, we should be in for quite a year.

But it hasn't all been plain-sailing. Sometimes, certain decisions in comic book movies leave fans scratching their heads, and nowhere is that more telling than with character deaths.

Sure, it can be satisfying when an individual meets a demise worthy of their character but, whether they're a central figure or mere side character, many decisions to give someone the chop can leave you hating the people with power for giving them such an abysmal end. In those cases, what should be emotionally loaded moments end up being no more than wasted opportunities.

Some deaths are handled majestically, such as Gwen Stacey’s in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Logan’s in the film of the same name. Others, though, can make you think a massive mistake has been made…


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