10 Comic Book Movies DC MUST Announce Next

How do DC Films keep up the momentum after Aquaman and Joker?

Warner Bros/Boss Logic

For the first time in a long time, it seems as though DC Film is on the up. Efforts like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Joker have signalled an upturn in quality for Warner Bros' superhero projects, and with more exciting projects on the way - Birds of Prey releasing as soon as next February! - it seems as though that trend will continue.

But while it's already known that Batman is getting another film (courtesy of Matt Reeves), that the Green Lantern Corps reboot is in production and that Ezra Miller's Flash is (apparently) still happening, there's still a lot WB hasn't confirmed.

The fate of Henry Cavill's Superman is known to no one but God, it seems, and there is little idea on whether Harley Quinn will emerge from Birds of Prey with her own movie or continue to solely appear as a member of different groups, with Margot Robbie set to reprise the role in James Gunn's Suicide Squad sequel.

DC's ambiguous future slate doesn't inspire much confidence, but there are plenty of ways to go about changing that. They could start with some official announcements, and when it comes to upcoming projects, there are a few fans are desperate to see the most...


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