10 Comic Stories You Should Read Before Phase 3 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kinda like Sparknotes except with pictures...

As Marvel continue to release more and more films within their cinematic universe, it€™s easy to get lost in the continuity. Frankly, unless you start from square one (i.e. the first Iron Man film) and watch every film Marvel Studios has released since then, most of the second phase of the MCU will fly right over your head faster than Thor chasing a Frost Giant. With regards to Phase 3 of the MCU, it seems that Marvel Studios has a taken the weightiness of their continuity into account and decided on a two fold approach to which films they will be releasing. Some of these films will be new franchises that will most likely be friendly for newcomers. Nevertheless, this third phase will also contain multiple sequels, including two more Avengers films that will undoubtedly incorporate various plot points dating back to phase one of the MCU. So for those of you who are excited about the new slate of Marvel flicks but don€™t want to sit through 12 two-hour films, there's a far more direct route through the graphic novels that should compliment/prepare you for what Marvel Studios has in store for the third phase of the cinematic universe. Also, for those of you who would like to do some homework on the new characters, this list also includes great starting points for each of these new franchises.
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