10 Completely Misleading Films That Turned Into Something Else Entirely

Pain and Gain

It's in the human condition to deceive. I don't mean that negatively, but we all lie at some point, and it's just the scale of the lie that changes. Some people lie about eating the last cookie, others tell their loved ones that they're somewhere they aren't, and others cook the books for multi-billion dollar companies. It's just a fact of life. So really, why do we expect the movies to be any different? After all, this is a multi-billion dollar industry, where producers put huge sums of cash on the line and expect a return. As we all well know, this is done through marketing €“ it's the best way a movie can reach out to us and tempt us into watching it, so it's only natural that this is the best outlet used to rig the odds. So while some films sell themselves €“ Fast And The Furious, Avatar, etc, others prove slightly more challenging and need some creative licence in how they're promoted. Whether that involves focusing on one big-named actor in the cast, making the plot seem more conventional, or sometimes just flat-out lying to the punters, the promoters will try anything to make money. And again, why not? It's their money, and they're going to try everything to make it back. Yet still, we can't help but deceived. Not that this is always a bad thing €“ while we're often gutted that some enterprising so-and-so has stuck lipstick on a pig, there are plenty of other films which surprised us with how challenging, thought-provoking and downright unique they turned out to be. So with that in mind, I've written an article about films that misled us, and occasionally, that isn't a bad thing. Keep in mind, a SPOILER WARNING is in effect.

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