10 Cool Easter Eggs You Didn’t Know Were Hidden On DVD & Blu-Ray

Ever wanted to see Yoda breakdancing? Now you can!

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There's something to be said for having a robust DVD/Blu-Ray collection at home. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are affordable and work well, but it's just not the same when you don't physically own any of the content.

And should your internet connection bail on you? You're straight out of luck.

Owning a healthy collection of discs also comes with other benefits - trade-in value, showing those sleek steelbooks off to friends - that make it a worthwhile investment.

Another benefit - overlooked, but nonetheless positive - are the easter eggs and secrets studios often include in home media releases of their movies.

You can find everything from nifty behind-the-scenes clips to alternate trailers and secret interviews on a variety of DVD and Blu-Ray sets, and while some of these do make their way online, it feels gratifying to seek them out yourself; it's the reward you receive for following a breadcrumb trail or locating a hidden menu you never knew existed.

You'll be surprised how many discs are packing content like this, and if you have the necessary movies at home, these secrets are definitely worth seeking out.

10. Beast Goes All Shakespeare - X-Men: The Last Stand

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The Easter Egg: The X-franchise contains dozens of deleted scenes, including this stealthily-hidden one, which was initially tucked away in a secret menu.

The scene finds Wolverine delivering a motivational speech to the rest of the gang, before Kelsey Grammer's Beast also gets in on the action by reciting a few lines from the St. Crispin's Day speech found in Shakespeare's "Henry V".

It's easy to see why it was cut; it almost feels like a blooper, like Grammer was ad-libbing, and you get the sense that the cast are ready to burst into laughter shortly after.

How To Find It: Boot up your X-Men: The Last Stand Special Edition Blu-Ray, Disc 1. Highlight "Play", and press up on your keypad/remote, selecting the "X" when it pops up. Voila!


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