10 Coolest Weapons In Sci-Fi Movies

Phasers or lightsabers... which would you prefer?

Aliens Ripley Pulse Rifle
20th Century Studios

You can’t have a movie about aliens and robots without including a few out of the world weapons that make everyone lose their minds. Sci-fi movies over the decades have been remembered for the iconic objects used by the characters, as much as they have been for the stories and characters themselves.

Things like the lightsaber or various laser guns have become irreplaceable parts of pop culture that probably will never go out of fashion. And it’s not surprising when you think about. The whole point of the genre is to push the envelope for what humans can accomplish. These weapons are the practical manifestation of the wonderfully speculative nature of science fiction.

With that being said, there is an absolute library's worth of cool weapons and weapon concepts that have come and gone over the years, with just about every filmmaker and prop team who had the means taking a shot at creating their own legendary object.

But which of these are the actual best of the best? Let’s try and answer that right now...

10. The Proton Pack

Aliens Ripley Pulse Rifle
Columbia Pictures

The Ghostbusters are one of the recognizable groups in all of pop culture. Just as famous and popular is their trump card: the Proton Pack.

Why? Well because it traps ghosts. A device that traps GHOSTS. Hard to do much better than that when it comes to unique functions. The titular team of heroes use their mechanized backpack/vacuum cleaner like object to literally suck in the souls of malevolent individuals in order to prevent them from harming innocent people.

The scientific explanation underneath the impossible contraption is that it’s some kind of a nuclear reactor thingamajig which uses its fields and energy to draw in ectoplasm and… you know what? Don’t bother - just put on that Ghostbusters Halloween costume, take up that DIY Proton Pack and you’re good to go.

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