10 Coolest Weapons Used In Horror Movies

From flying orbs to giant knives, what's the coolest weapon you've seen in horror?

Slumber Party Massacre 2
New Concorde

Usually when we watch a horror movie we’re focusing more on the action going on than on the specific weapons used. I would argue this is because it’s very rare for a film to bring a truly interesting weapon to the table. Obviously we’re not too bothered about focusing on a butcher's knife or a gun or, on special occasions, maybe a bit of supernatural meddling.

Of course, if a movie were to bring us something truly intriguing, a weapon that demands attention, then obviously we need to give it its due credit. A cool movie weapon has got to be one that maybe takes us by surprise with its ingenuity, or maybe it’s something that is so remarkably unique that it will always be synonymous with the brand - like the weapons equivalent of the ghost mask to the Scream franchise!

If it’s not something remarkably weird or clever, we’re looking for the theatrical factor: we want something that is gonna put a real show on for us. Of course, in addition to this, it has to make the user look really cool. But that’s a given, don’t you agree?

10. Freddy Krueger’s Claw Glove - The Nightmare On Elmstreet Franchise

Slumber Party Massacre 2
New Line Cinema

We can’t overlook the classics on this list, and whilst most iconic slasher weapons don’t quite meet the coolness requirements here (Scream’s knives, Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s chainsaw - they’re not very inspiring, let’s be real), one that absolutely does is Krueger’s famous gloves.

Knives aren’t original at all, they’re very boring indeed; attach those knives to some hokey-looking gloves, however, and you’re onto a winner! His signature weapon has become one of the most widely-recognisable in horror history, going on to inspire countless knock-offs and respectful nods across the genre.

Hand-to-hand combat has good potential for cool-looking fights, and this is even truer when the hands in question are clad with blades. In most cases the fights don’t last too long and are anything but fair, but we’d be lying if we say we didn’t enjoy them.


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