10 Craziest Horror Movie Weapons (And Their Best Kill)

That drill guitar made for some KILLER riffs...

Planet Terror
Dimension Films

Should you suddenly find yourself in the murky depths of a horror movie, there's usually plenty around your average home to arm yourself. Knives, baseball bats, chainsaws; there's all sorts of household items that are serviceable skull smashers should supernatural spooks arise, or indeed if you yourself lose any decent sensibilities and fancy offing all your mates in as dramatic a fashion as possible. Hero, villain, or whatever in between, you need a good weapon to get sh*t done.

But this preference for household items does pose a question. What are you supposed to do if your kitchen isn't equipped, you're not particularly sporty, and you've got no interest in horticultural pastimes? What then?!

Well, you've got to get creative, as a handful of ridiculous film characters have proven. Whether it's through concocting their own bizarre weapon or making the most of what little there is to hand, these are the most insane things that have been used to make fine, pulpy, human paste with. Better take notes, guys, as you never know when you'll be driven to fight back with nothing more than... corn.

Oh, this is going to be a mess.

10. Water Sprinkler - Leprechaun Returns

Planet Terror

It's pretty hard to nail just one thing down as a crazy weapon in this movie when the whole series is populated with such nonsense. Pulverising a guy's torso with a pogo stick in Leprechaun, impaling a fella with a bong in Back 2 Tha Hood, and conjuring a sex robot to electrocute a horn dog to death all deserve their mention - but it's the humble sprinkler that takes the spot, if only as a lesser known entry than the other, more iconic picks.

Where metal and glass are somewhat understandable for killing, a stream of gentle hydration certainly isn't.

So how about that sprinkler? Used in the timeline redefining Leprechaun Returns - a reboot and sequel to the first movie only - it crops up in a musical number as the Leprechaun conducts a series of the watering mechanisms, whilst chasing an ill fated young woman down. After slowing her down with... mild water.. the Leprechaun magically shoves a water sprinkler into poor Meredith's face as she flees, resulting in the pressure popping a geyser of blood out her mouth.

We're starting small here, but still, of all things to kill someone with, a sprinkler? Really?


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