10 Craziest Things That Have Been Made Into Movies

They're making a film out of WHAT?!

Films have been made out of the strangest of things. Novels, short stories, folklore, dreams and even other movies have all been twisted to work magic on screen. Heck, four of the ten highest grossing films of the year are based on superhero comic books. Isn't that alone a bit ridiculous? Come awards season we're inundated with movies based on true events - a real tragedy seems to grab the Academy's attention more than something envisioned by a talented film-makers - but for the rest of the year cinematic inspiration can come from very unexpected sources. And why not? When there's a talented person behind the camera ridiculous ideas can become something masterful. There is a line, of course. Every now and then we'll learn of a new movie coming out based on a totally bizarre idea you can't help but think it's a poorly timed April fools joke. A film inspired by Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them, an in-world book J.K. Rowling wrote as part of Comic Relief to make money for charity, is lurching into production, with Warner Bros. hoping it paves the way to a whole new trilogy (and we thought three Hobbits was too much). While that's pretty extreme, some films can go one better. Here are ten movies with inspirations you almost wouldn't believe.
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